Here Are the Reasons Your Gutter System Is Important

Gutters—they may look useless up there on the roof, but the truth is, they have a crucial role to play. Without gutters, all the rainwater would end up on the soil around your property, which will eventually become a huge problem. Water will begin to pool and leak into your basement, your soil will erode, and your siding will get damaged, among others. 

In this post, we will talk about the reasons you need a gutter system. 

Get to Know Your Gutter System

Gutters contain several parts that are vital in water collection and diversion. One is the gutter section, which is the horizontal material attached to the home. Next is the downspout that starts from the gutter section and ends at the base of the house. The downspout is an enclosed pipe where water drains. 

The hangers are considered the support systems of gutters, while gutter guards help screen out debris that could clog the gutter system. 

Finally, the downspout extension is attached to the end of the downspout that controls the flow of water so that it empties into a specific area. 

The Reasons Gutters Are Essential in Your Home

Now, let’s talk about the reasons a gutter system is vital to your home: 

  • Prevents soil erosion: Without gutters, the rainwater will end up directly on your soil, where it can freeze and cause a lot of accidents. A gutter system serves as a safe pathway for rainwater to flow away from the roof, into the downspouts, and to the downspout extension. With that, rainwater is drained properly that it will not cause any soil erosion that could lead to other major problems. 
  • Protects siding: When you have missing gutters, rainwater can get near the house. Eventually, it can soak and stain anything in its path, which includes your siding. 
  • Keeps basements dry: Can you imagine how much of a hassle it can be when you have a wet basement? If you have missing gutters, water can soak the ground near the foundation, which can make its way into the basement. When this happens, it can cause destruction and mold that will cost you a lot of money. 
  • Adds beauty to your home: You might not realize this, but a gutter system can add beauty to your home exterior. Gutters can complement your siding, roof color, and the rest of your house, which is why you need to choose the right material for your gutters carefully. Fortunately, there are many gutter materials you can choose from, and they come in various colors as well. 
  • Preserves roof shingles: Since gutters allow rainwater to flow through, they can help with your roof’s lifespan. This is because they don’t let rainwater accumulate beneath the roof structure, which can damage roofing material that can lead to roof leaks. 

Have the Best Gutter System Today

So, if you haven’t given your gutter system much thought, these reasons are enough for you to start thinking about how important your gutters are. If you have missing gutters, it’s time you address them before you deal with much bigger problems down the road. On the other hand, make sure you invest in good gutter system maintenance to keep your gutters working well. 

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